Previewing Resources


The Resource panel's preview feature allows you to automatically preview a variety of different types of resources. Click with your mouse or scroll down using the arrow keys and the highlighted resource file is instantly previewed. Visual resources are displayed in preview screens and audio resources begin playback immediately.


Resource panel. Preview actors (*.act and *.obj)


Resource panel. Preview videos (*.avi and *.wmv)


Resource panel. Preview bitmaps (*.bmp)


Resource panel. Preview Genesis3D bsp worlds (*.bsp)


Resource panel. Preview MP3 music (*.mp3)


Resource panel. Preview meshes (*.act and *.obj)


Resource panel. Preview wav sounds (*.wav)


Contents panel. View a list of world contents. Select world plugin objects for editing and manipulation.


Here's a tip. You can change the width of the Command panel (above) when it is undocked.


Three ways to select an object for editing:
  1. Double-click on the object in the 3D view.
  2. Double-click on the object's label in the Contents browser
  3. Right-click on the object's label in the Contents browser and choose 'Select and Activate' on the popup menu.

If you can't see your desired world object, select and activate it. Then choose the 'Face Active Plugin Object' command. The camera orients toward the object. Hit the 'E' key on your keyboard to advance toward your unseen object.


Plugin toolbar. Insert different types of plugin objects.


Drag and drop files from the Resources tree or from Windows Explorer to the plugin's control panel.


To place simple meshes, choose from a variety of stock mesh objects, or drag and drop your own *.act or *.obj files. Skin it with a bitmap and adjust lighting.


Localized sounds can be placed around your world using tAreaSound Plugin objects. Drag and drop *.wav sound files and adjust volume, radius of influence.


Insert lights. Adjust color and strength. Choose from many different pulse styles.


Place polygons of different shapes (sphere not implemented yet). Use bitmaps for base and alpha. Adjust size orientation, opacity and shape.


Drag and drop *.act or *.obj files to be used as terrains. Adjust placement, orientation, scale, and lighting. Note: The skydome illuminates all.


Drag and drop *.wav or *.mp3 files for background music. Choose a default skydome or drop in your own. Change the skydome's bitmap. Drop in a *.bmp to represent the sun in the sky.  The skydome comes with its own heavenly light source. Adjust it position and color. The sun bitmap follows along. Add  world fog and adjust its range. Scale, orient and color all.


Line Callout 2: IMPORTANT!    After you first install tDirector3d, set the Control Sensitivity to 'Medium.'
Set tDirector3d's interface features by choosing File ->Preferences. Adjust control sensitivity according to your needs.
Delete all Undo and Redo data from the document in order to slim it down to the necessities prior to distribution with tDeployer3d.


Move the camera by using the keyboard. Use the mouse to rotate the camera by dragging on the world view.