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Jet3D version 2.0 12/14/99  
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+ Jet3D Version 2.0
+ GenEdit 2.0 Preview 2
+ Genesis3D SDK 1.0
+ GDemo1
+ Rayne's Max Files
Jet3d Version 2.0! The source code release of the long awaited Jet3d engine! All the features you saw in Genedit Preview Release 2.0 and more.  
Jet3D.EXE (14.5 MB)
GDemo1 Source Code Release  

GDemo1 Source Code is now available. This is the full release of all source included in the Genesis3D GDemo1 Technical Demonstration. Please download it and have fun with the advanced particles systems and all of the new effects that we included in the release of GDemo1.

Genesis3D Engine SDK 1.0 05/15/99  
Genesis3D is now Open Source! Included in the SDK is our sample game, Gtest, along with our level editor, GEdit. You will also find 3DSMax plug-in tools for exporting actor files, as well as our Actor Viewer tool, and the latest documentation.  
Full Download Option:
Segmented Download Option:
**Our segmented download option allows you to download the Genesis3D SDK in smaller chunks. To use the Multipart option, download all of the files and run the Multipart executable which will create the Genesis3D116.exe. You can then use the Genesis3D116.exe to setup Genesis3D.  
GDemo1.01 - Genesis3D 1.0 Tech Demonstration 06/25/99  
As promised, we are releasing the Genesis3D Technical Demonstration, GDemo1. GDemo1 packs all of the powerful features of Genesis3D into four wonderfully sculpted environments for your viewing pleasure. For optimal viewing, you should have a Pentium II 233 or better with 64 MB RAM and a second generation 3D accelerated video card.  
Full Download Option:
Segmented Download Option:
If you downloaded GDemo1 earlier and had problems with the Demo not running due to no sound card present...this release fixes that problem.  
**see the Genesis3D SDK download footnote for Multipart instructions.  
Rayne's 3DSMax Files    
Models and maps for the GTest actor. You can use these to learn how to implement the Actor Tools for Genesis3D. (Please note: 3DS Max and Character Studio 2.0 required)    
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