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Welcome to the home of Jet3D

January 20th, 2000 - More code submissions posted  
Incarnadine sent in a patch to his previous submission and a correction to Actor Studio. Stop by the submissions page to pick them up!
January 16th, 2000 - Retro Studios is looking for talent  
Retro Studios has several openings for programmers, artists, animators and designers. Stop on by their site for more details!
Dec 21st, 99 - 1st source code submissions  
I created a new page and the link is here. I will get them posted up as they arrive.
This one fixes several bugs and adds an enhancement. Thanks to Royce Pipkins for the submission.
Dec 14th, 99 - Jet3D Version 2.0 Source released  
You all have been waiting for it! Well it is here!!
Jet3D Version 2.0 makes it's official debut today! Click on the Downloads link to the left or here to get the release!  

Please be sure to report any bugs in the "Bugs Section" of the Jet3d Forum
Nov 8th, 99 - Transcript from Irc Chat with Dave Stafford  
If you missed the mIrc chat with Dave on Sunday. Here is your chance catch up on the action. Click here to read the transcript. Thanks to Ken Deel for sending that in!

Nov 6th, 99 - Jet3D Logo  
Here is your chance for Fame and Glory! In case you didn't catch it in Dave's innagural post he is looking for a permanent Jet3D logo. Send your entries to

Dave Stafford Live on IRC! - Updated  
In conjunction with the grand opening of Jet3D, the founder, Dave Stafford will be conducting a mini Q&A on IRC. Don't miss it!
Update - The IRC chat will be held on efnet in the #Jet3d channel on Sunday the 7th at 6.00pm PST. Be there!

Jet3d is Open!  
Jet3D is alive and kicking! Everyone is welcome to visit our forums and participate in the open source 3D engine project


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